Jim Baldasare | Mortgage Banker

Jim Baldasare

Mortgage Banker
I take borrowers through the steps from application to closing, discussing each document they sign. Applying for a mortgage loan before actually writing an offer to purchase a home allows me to give them a firm approval which can be a negotiating advantage. Jim Baldasare


A former banker and financial advisor, Jim Baldasare has a down-to-earth quality that instantly puts borrowers at ease. Specializing in VA loans, first time home buyer programs and the FHA 203k renovation program, Jim has worked hard to keep 1,000’s of homebuyers satisfied for 27 years. He joined Atlantic Bay in 2007.

Jim  knows that fast service is critical to his clients. He says, “People don’t like to wait. I have frequently received clients because other bankers don’t work weekends or evenings. I do. I’m fast, I’m available and I’m knowledgeable.” Jim is very adept at sharing that knowledge with his clients. He says, “I try to speak in layman’s terms and not overwhelm first time home buyers with information. I try to keep the steps simple.”

People like the way Jim explains the mortgage process to them. He says, “I talk about compliance and how that has become so important. Since 2008 and 2009, documentation has become more critical than ever before and it can be frustrating. I tell them if they get frustrated, they can call me any time along the way to discuss the process.” Jim describes the steps, “The process starts with me, it goes through compliance and then to underwriting and on to processing. We do a variety of verifications along the way. After the underwriter gives the final approval, the loan goes to the settlement agent to work on the final closing figures. How much money do I need for closing? That’s what’s important to the borrower. It needs to be reasonably close to the estimate I gave them on the front end. As long as we can verify everything the borrower tells me or gives me, we are going to go to closing.”

Jim is a former member of The Rotary, an organization of business leaders dedicated to serving the community and a past president of the Kiwanis Club, which provides service programs for children.