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Oct 2020

Timeline on Buying A Home

Whether you’re buying a home in a crunch of time or you have all the time in the world, a timeline is most helpful in either circumstance. In this piece we break down the “what to expect part” of the homebuying process to take the guesswork out for you.


Finding a trustworthy agent

1-2 weeks

Sometimes finding an agent is as easy as a referral from a friend, other times you hunt for the right one on a social media platform. However you find them, make sure you have a list of questions you’re ready to ask them about the area, or the school district, etc. Comps are good to know, too!

Create your wants vs. needs lists

5-10 days

Great kitchen, five bedrooms, six burner stovetops, basement; these are all things you might want on your list but really determine which things you need. In terms of upgrades just keep in mind you can always do that later if your budget doesn’t allow it just yet. Knowing exactly what you need and the area you need to be in will help with the home hunt.

Get pre-qualified for a loan that fits you best

1-2 weeks

Shopping for a mortgage is a bit different and quite frankly not as fun house shopping (even though to us it is). This part in the homebuying process doesn’t take a ton of time, just being prepared on the document side of things will help. At Atlantic Bay, we sit down with you and decide which loan best fits your needs.

Search for your dream house

3 weeks to 6 months

Okay, this might be the best part of the hunt…shopping for that dream home! Now that you’ve whittled down the list of wants vs. needs and you have truly come up with what you’re looking for, you get to go out and find it! This process is so much fun but can also be frustrating. Keep an open mind, think long-term and go with your gut!

Make that offer!

3-7 days

Yay! You found your dream home, that’s exciting! Now, you’ll work very closely with your real estate agent to get the best deal. The waiting and back and forth can surely be a nail biter, but once it’s done your homeownership dreams are just around the corner!

Appraising your future home

1-3 weeks

Appraisal time means you’re so very close to getting those keys. During this time, your lender hires an appraiser to come out and thoroughly check your future home to determine the value. This part is really just a waiting game.

Home inspection for good measure

1-3 weeks

Home inspections are great for you, the potential homeowner. You will hire an inspector to come out and examine the home, think of it as a physical at the doctor’s office. It’s the home inspector’s job to give a clean bill of health to the house, or a few prescriptions if the home needs some work. Leaky faucets, issues with HVAC, things of that nature.

Closing day

One whole day dedicated to closing on your house, just kidding it can be done extremely fast AND from the comfort of your home, more on that here. Then that’s it, grab those keys and run (or drive) as fast as you can to your new home! Congratulations, you did it!

In a virtual world

The homebuying process is an eventful and interesting time in everyone’s life, let alone in this new climate we’re all adjusting to. The best part is that it’s actually making the timeline and details a bit easier. From virtual house tours, attending a live stream open house, closing on your home digitally, digital home closings through DocuSign, to drive-by appraisals and video home inspections. These new technologies are truly affording us an easier way of life while providing the protection you might need from home.