Lending Peace of Mind

Not your typical mortgage company

Experiences, not transactions.

We understand getting a mortgage can be stressful, but we’re here to guide you every step of the way. We’re dedicated to providing you an enjoyable journey from start to finish.

Clear path to closing.

We’ve built a track record of trust with our long-standing history of closing loans with speed and efficiency. We make the mortgage process smooth and easy, so you’re still smiling at the closing table.

Tailor made lending.

We know behind every loan is a person with individual needs. Our team reviews your entire financial picture, so we’re able to create a customized plan for you.

First time homeowners the Tate Family
We couldn't do this without you.

Our First-Time Homebuyers

“My Atlantic Bay mortgage banker took me through the whole process. She took me as an individual and helped me. She got me right on track where I need to be.”

The Tate Family
First-time Homeowners
Helping you achieve your goals.

Our Refinance Clients

“We had such a great relationship with our Atlantic Bay mortgage banker. There was no anxiety at all in a situation that can cause anxiety.”

The Green Family
Refinancing Client
Refinancing client the Green Family