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Nov 2023

10 Household Chores You’re Probably Forgetting About




Spots you might forget to vacuum.


Shower curtains need washing too!


The beauty of self-cleaning.




Spots you might forget to vacuum.


Shower curtains need washing too!


The beauty of self-cleaning.

Our homes are our safe spaces. A place where we can kick back and unwind after a long day at the office or whatever you call your place of work. And yes, we all do our very best to keep our “safe spaces” as spick and span as humanly possible, but sometimes, we might forget about some of those little nagging chores when we craft our to-do lists.

Sure, we all know about taking out the trash or doing mountains of laundry, but what about those tasks that aren’t so top of mind? Here are a few of those chores you’re probably forgetting about:  

1. Clean the Dryer Vent 

For many, cleaning out the dryer’s lint trap after each load is muscle memory, but what about the vent? You know, that shiny exhaust-pipe-like tube that runs from the back of the dryer to the outside of your home? The dryer vent helps moisture, gas, and hot air escape, allowing clothes to dry faster and stop nasty mold from growing in your laundry room.

Cleaning out your dryer vent with a vacuum or flexible brush will extend your unit’s lifespan and reduce the risk of hazard in your home. Keep in mind, the vent pumps carbon monoxide and other dangerous fumes out to your home’s exterior, so a debris-less dryer vent will ensure healthy air quality in your pad for you and your family. 

2. Vaccuum Hard-To-Reach Spots 

Dust and dirt just love piling up in those out-of-the-way corners of our homes, don’t they? For instance, when was the last time you pulled out the old Hoover to suck up the gunk behind your oven? Or what about the mysterious wasteland known as “under the fridge?”

Those areas may not be on your cleaning radar now, but if you haven’t given those hard-to-reach spots any TLC since your family moved in, now is a great time to add this monthly chore to your list. Plus, the peace of mind you’ll get knowing the tops of your kitchen cabinets are clean is almost immeasurable. Okay, we wouldn’t go that far, but you will put a stop to bad odors, pests, or allergies in a jiffy.  

3. Dust Off Fans and Lights  

Dust, debris, and dirt. We’re starting to notice a pattern here.

Your home’s ceiling fans and light fixtures are hotbeds for unwanted, grimy particles. And when you flip the switch, those same unwanted, grimy particles will begin circulating in every room of your home. Bust out your favorite feathery duster to clean fan blades and lights to – once again = significantly improve air quality.

And here’s a pro tip: insert each fan blade into an old t-shirt or pillowcase and gently pull toward you to remove gunk. Keep each blade enclosed so dust and debris doesn’t rain down on that clean bed you just made!  

4. Wash Shower Curtains 

Hold on, washing your shower curtain? Can you do that? Is it even legal?

Yup, you read that right. Throw your shower curtains into the washing machine (set to delicate) for a quick rinse and watch as the soap, scum, and mildew disappear before your very eyes.

The only drawback for this chore is trying to get the curtain back onto those little plastic ring thingies.  

Add a cup of vinegar to your load to remove any mold that’s accumulated.

5. De-Funk the Garbage Disposal 

Garbage disposals have a pension for smelling downright awful. Shocker.

But the solution isn’t as convoluted as you might think. After disconnecting the power and removing any leftover food scraps, pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain to deodorize the disposal. Afterward, throw in a few lemon wedges and run cold water to leave a citrus scent any future dishwasher will enjoy.   

6. De-Funk Trash Cans 

Speaking of de-funking, head over to your trash cans and remove the bag. Sometimes, trash bags leak, and the smell and stains they leave at the bottom of the cans is – shall we say – palpable. Take your trash cans outside and spray them down with dish soap, bleach, and water. And don’t forget to give them some time to dry before sending them back to work.  

7. Sanitize Frequently Touched Items 

MC Hammer probably shudders when he thinks about the number of items we touch around the house every day. From light switches, to doorknobs, and even remote controls, your fingerprints are all over your household. Sanitize these meddled mechanisms with a damp cloth or disinfectant spray around every week or so. Bacteria builds up quickly on the items we fiddle with the most, so try getting in the habit of sanitizing your home’s communal commodities.   

Soak a cloth in warm water and vinegar before rubbing.

8. Wash Pillow and Cushion Covers 

Here’s a quick tip: no one should be buoyant on their own couch. After a long day, we want to sink into our furniture, not lie on a pillow or cushion cover as stiff as a board. A good, gentle wash by machine or hand will make the covers softer and remove dust mites or stains.

9. Reorganize Medicine Cabinets 

Much like food or drinks, medicine has an expiration date too. When you’re in the midst of the headache to end all headaches, the last thing you want to see is a disorganized medicine cabinet overrun by pills past their use-by date.

Invest a little time in reorganizing and restocking your medicine cabinet every now and then, so when you need first aid first, you’ll be ready.  

10. Don’t Forget to Self-Clean 

Most modern washing machines, dishwashers, and conventional ovens have a “self-clean” cycle. You can easily take advantage of this timesaving feature, but remember to clean out the appliance and read over the manual before starting.  

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