Should I Build Or Buy?

So you’re ready to buy, now what? The first step in this process, as you already know if you’ve previously owned a home is to get pre-qualified (if not this is for you). Next, is to decide on what kind of home will fit your needs and the needs of your family. When it comes to purchasing a home you really have to weigh your options, so answer questions like this:

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms does this home need?

  • Am I willing to purchase a home that needs some renovating?

  • Is it important to me to design every square inch of this home?

  • Am I ready to move now or do I have some time?

If you answered these questions with answers that sound like this: “I like the idea of a brand-new home.” “I would love to have a hand in the design of my new home and we do have some time, we don’t necessarily need to be in our new home this year.” …then it sounds like you might be open to building. So, come with us and we will take a deeper dive into this decision-making process.

What it really boils down to

If you’re trying to decide this based off cost alone, then you have to look at the hard numbers. More often than not when you see a price tag on a house, there’s (sometimes) negotiating room, but odds are that your real estate agent has already explained that portion of the process to you. You have to factor in the fact that you might not have the kitchen of your dreams, but that’s OK. You can always switch things up, backsplashes, countertops, you name it – it can be done! But when it comes to building, that is a whole different story. You must pay the price to get specifics on what you want in a home, so it’s customized to your liking and you get what you want. Nothing already exists in your empty four walls, but your imagination!

Either way you win

Regardless if you build or buy, this process is such an exciting time. If you plan to stay in your new home 5, 10 or 20 years, it’s always beneficial to keep re-sell value in mind. There are plenty of ways to look at building or buying and it ultimately comes down to what is right and makes the most sense for your family. Buying a home could be exponentially easier than building, but building has the advantage to get what you want and you can have your hand in every pot of the design process. Either way you go, you’ll have a beautiful place to call home and we’re excited about that for you. Now, let’s get you those keys!