Virtual Closings: Is That a Thing?

Congratulations, you’ve officially made it to the closing “table!” You’re probably wondering why we’ve inserted those quotations around our hypothetical table. Well that’s because it doesn’t necessarily have to be around one anymore, we’ve entered this realm of being able to do some – or even all- of the closing process from the comfort of our home, or wherever we please. Gone are the days of dressing up to discuss the formalities that come along with the final step to homeownership. The E-Sign Act of 2000 truly makes your electronic signature just as legitimate as if you signed the documents in person. So, let’s breakdown what you’ll actually need for this…

Signing (typing) on the dotted line

Here is what we need from you before we pass the over the keys to your new humble abode on the day of your closing:

  • Access to A Computer with Internet Link from Our Closing Department to

  • Access the Documents

  • A Copy of your Driver’s License & Last 4 Digits of Your SSN Readily Available

  • Carefully Read Through Each Field (we can send over the documentation ahead of time so you can comb through for any questions).

  • Sign All Yellow Tags (you will be prompted for each of these tabs).

“Instead of taking an hour or more, closing virtually could be done in less than 15 minutes! At Atlantic Bay, from start to finish with our typical virtual closing process can get you to the closing table in 25 days.” – Jennifer Solis, Vice President of Closing Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

From the initial loan application to uploading docs, Atlantic Bay has made it easier than ever for you to go through the homebuying notions virtually. Ask your mortgage banker to see if your state participates in virtual closings!