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Aug 2020

Preparing To Sell Your Home (6 Month Plan)


Tips to sell your home within six months


Tips to sell your home within six months

If you’re thinking of moving, we’ve laid out a great six-month strategy for to help you prep your home to sell! There’s a lot of work that goes into selling your home, from choosing the right time to dusting the cobwebs out of that third bedroom you’ve been “meaning to get around to cleaning.” We speak from experience because we’ve been there, that’s why we’ve helped ease the process of selling with these tips and tricks!

Decide on your (listing) timeframe

Whether you’re in a pickle and need to sell quickly or if you have months and months to plan, moving is never considered “fun” by any stretch of the imagination. But if you are one of the lucky ones (that has enough time to prep), then you can manage your checklist with ease. By deciding on your timeframe, you’ll be able to prep for success. Studies show that selling in the spring and particularly listing your home on a Saturday is “best.”

Contact your agent

This should automatically be your next step once you decide on a good timeframe for your family. Contacting your agent to give him or her a heads up that you are thinking of moving will get the ball rolling on their end and provide you with sound advice on next steps.

Assess the market

This kind of research can be done online or even by utilizing your Realtor® (they are the expert in this market, after all). You can also call on other websites that are reporting daily on the industry, so whether you’re in the initial phase or about to put your home on the market going to websites like the MLS,, Trulia or Zillow could provide some decent insight.

Deep clean and deep declutter

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That has to be true somewhere right? Going through your home and decluttering/purging/de-hoarding this far in advance will take a big weight off of your to-do list. Since you’re ahead of the game and it’s so early in the process, you’re able to get rid of things you don’t need to open up your home again. Perks of this include being able to see what needs to be cleaned and potential homebuyers won’t look at the knick-knacks and chachkies you’ve been holding onto for far too long!

A focus on paint and curb appeal

Whether you’re more of a Sherwin Williams “Agreeable Grey” or “Urbane Bronze,” whatever the color of your liking is – it’s never too early to start touching it up around the house. Most people enjoy the smell of fresh new paint on the walls and it covers up any old marks that might have found themselves on there, double whammy. Tending to your outdoor appeal is also an easy fix that goes a long way. The outside of your home is a potential homebuyers first impression, so let’s make a lasting one! We wrote an entire article on this, check it out here! We hope that these tips and tricks to help you prepare your home to sell help, don’t forget we know a thing or two about the industry. Let’s get you pre-qualified so you can put that house up on the market and find your brand new home!