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Aug 2021

Use Screen Appeal to Leverage Your Home’s Position in the Market


The definition of “screen appeal” and why it’s important for every homeowner

Tips to strengthen your home’s screen appeal

How screen appeal can give your home an advantage over others on the market


The definition of “screen appeal” and why it’s important for every homeowner

Tips to strengthen your home’s screen appeal

How screen appeal can give your home an advantage over others on the market

If you have ever purchased a home, you may have come across the term “curb appeal.” It might not mean much to a recent homebuyer, but the expression is always of interest to someone seeking to sell their property.

Curb appeal refers to the relative quality and visual appeal of a home’s outside to someone viewing from the sidewalk. Many real estate agents stress prioritizing the curb appeal of the home you are potentially selling, as even the smallest beautification project could lead to an increase in buyer interest.

While the term still applies today, a new, yet similar, phrase has begun to appear in general home-selling jargon recently. Due to all the advancements in technology, interested buyers can view available homes from the comfort of their own living room with their computer or smartphone. That means a seller must be aware of their “screen appeal,” or how the outside and inside of their home appears in pictures online.

The evolution in home searching means not only does a seller need to maximize their curb appeal, but they also should look into making their “screen appeal” as pleasing to the eye as possible. So, you may be asking yourself, what makes screen appeal as important, if not more, than curb appeal post-2020?

Screen Appeal’s Significance

When comparing screen appeal with curb appeal, one difference becomes immediately apparent. Screen appeal allows sellers to reach a wider and more diverse audience than they ever would relying on curb appeal alone. For context, almost 90% of interested homebuyers begin their search online. Putting your property on the web gets your home in the minds of interested buyers from the get-go, so you won’t have to play catch-up with other sellers in the area later.

Screen appeal also allows buyers to view the inside of your home the minute they click on your page. Uploading images and videos of your home to the internet means you’re not limited to sharing what people can see just from the sidewalk. You can show off everything your home has to offer on the inside, too.

Because most homebuyers look online first before speaking to an agent, making sure your property is as attractive as possible while on popular homes-for-sale websites is more important than ever before. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to attract buyers and even offers before people ever step foot in your home.

Tips to Strengthen Your Home’s Screen Appeal

When deciding which pictures or videos best reflect your home, put yourself in the shoes of the interested buyer. What would you want to see that would make you jump at taking the next steps in the homebuying process? If photography and staging aren’t your thing, find a real estate agent who can handle it for you. If you do want to try your hand at screen appeal, here are a few tips that might bring more attention to your humble abode:

Include a Virtual Tour

Capturing your home’s essence is as simple as snapping a photo or recording a video with your phone. Displaying each room and hallway will give people a sense of the layout before they ever step foot inside. The virtual tour is an easy way for buyers to decide whether your home is the right fit for them. That way, neither party’s time will be wasted.

Clean and Clean Again

This tip might be obvious, but it could be the most important one of all. When you’re recording your home, make sure everything is put away and the floors and surfaces are spick-and-span. Don’t forget, these pictures are the first thing buyers will see, so don’t leave a lasting impression of dust on the coffee table and dog toys all over the living room floor. Less is more for screen appeal.

Make Your Home as Open as Possible

Moving around furniture so your rooms display open space is an excellent way to up your screen appeal. When buyers look at pictures of your home’s interior, they can’t help but picture all their new furnishings in place of yours. That means you should tuck away all the family photos, too. Let their imaginations run wild by leaving available spaces wherever you can.

Light Each Photo or Video Brightly

The principal reason homebuyers are visiting your page is to get a closer look at the home you have to offer. Therefore, each photo and video should be as brightly lit as possible to avoid any confusion. Additionally, each upload should be lit identically to the others, as you want to be consistent with everything you present to inquiring buyers.

Don’t Forget About Your Home’s Exterior

Screen appeal applies to your home’s outside as well. Remember to pressure wash your deck, decorate your garden with colorful plants, and touch up any scuff marks with paint. Any suggestions you might have heard on boosting your property’s curb appeal can be said the same for bettering your screen appeal.

How Screen Appeal Leverages Your Home in the Market

Upping your home’s screen appeal doesn’t just inform buyers of what sets your property apart from local competitors, it shows them. Taking advantage of these tips grant complete visible access to everything you’re selling, so it’s more than likely the most serious and committed individuals will step forward with interest in purchasing your home. If you’re all set to sell your home, maximizing your online presence through screen appeal is a modern and wise decision.