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Jan 2024

2024 Home Design Trends: Outdoor Decks and Kitchens




Ways to upgrade your deck in 2024


Smart features for your outdoor kitchen


What isn’t “in” this year




Ways to upgrade your deck in 2024


Smart features for your outdoor kitchen


What isn’t “in” this year

2024 is here! And “Barbenheimer” and the Taylor Swift + Travis Kelce love story is SO 2023, right? But you know what isn’t? The latest home design trends in outdoor decks and kitchens, of course! (We took the words right out of your mouth, didn’t we?) 

We’ve compiled a list of 2024’s newest outdoor entertainment space trends. Read about them below and turn your backyard into the envy of the neighborhood.  

2024 Deck Trends 

Last December, we decked our halls with boughs of holly. But now that we’ve turned our calendars to 2024, it’s time to deck out our decks. Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. 

Here are the latest deck and outdoor living trends of this year: 

Fire Features 

From the always cozy firepit to the sleek and stylish fireplace, fire features on our decks are big this year. A well-placed fire feature, away from any flammable items, adds warmth and ambiance to any outdoor gathering, especially during the cold winter months. 

Adding a propane fire pit or electric/gas fireplace to your wooden deck may seem a little iffy, but investing in a spark screen and fire pit pad will protect your deck from embers and ash. Freestanding or built-in, a fire feature is quite a welcoming addition. 

Don’t get burned! Teach your family fireplace safety before purchasing.

Eco-Friendly Designs 

Sustainability is key in 2024. Protect Mother Nature with eco-friendly deck designs, like choosing concrete instead of plastic for your furniture and countertops. Save the planet, and your wallet, as bamboo and rattan materials are 100% biodegradable and last longer than plastic alternatives. 

Looking for more ways to make your backyard eco-friendly? Get a head start on your spring gardening with our to-do list!

Modular Furniture 

No matter how small or large the space, modular furniture is a great way to adapt your deck’s layout to your needs. Sectional sofas, ottomans, and storage benches comprised of two or more pieces can be detached and reattached to your liking. Modular furniture is available in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes as well, so don't be afraid to mix and match to complement your patio’s decor. 

Smart Features With AI 

So “Authentic” was Merriam-Webster's 2023 Word of the Year. Huh. What could they possibly be referring to? 

Artificial intelligence was everywhere last year, and that trend likely won’t change in 2024. Embrace the future at your pace by starting with your deck. Modernize your outdoor living space with an AI-powered tech gadget, like a smart home speaker with a virtual assistant. And while you’re at it, keep the party going by leveling up your home, too.

Statement Lighting  

Illuminate your night under the stars with a bit of statement lighting. Riser, bistro, or LED strip lights can keep your deck lit and safe after the sun sets. You might even consider installing light fixtures directly into your deck, either mounted or inground.  

2024 Outdoor Kitchen Trends 

With 2024’s deck trend heat handled, it’s time to step into the kitchen. The outdoor kitchen, that is. Here are the outdoor kitchen trends of this year: 

Open-Air Designs 

As Jordin Sparks sings, how can you breathe with no air? 

An open-air design for your outdoor kitchen refers to a seamless transition between your deck’s living area and kitchen. For example, fewer walls or cabinetry in your outdoor kitchen opens the space up to fresh air and the rest of your deck. And a strategically placed outdoor kitchen island can also serve as extra seating for your patio.  

Beyond Traditional Grilling  

Hot dogs and hamburgers are American staples, no question, but in 2024, some homeowners are chomping at the bit to broaden their outdoor grilling horizons. 

Pizza ovens, smokers, and wok burners are just a few of the alternatives out there to your traditional gas-powered grill. Pair a few of them together for ultimate menu flexibility.  


Whether or not your outdoor kitchen is prepared for the weather is up to you! Granite and marble countertops fare better against rain and sunshine than imitation materials. And a sealant- or varnish-covered cabinet is better suited for an all-year climate. Reapply as needed, of course. 

Before purchasing any item for your outdoor kitchen or deck, check the product description to see if it’s waterproof. That one small step now could save you time, money, and heartache in the future.  

Smart Features With AI  

Your outdoor kitchen can be “artificially intelligent” as well. AI-infused grills with sensory heat control, or for those with space in their kitchen but not inside their wallet, a smart refrigerator that can monitor groceries and suggest recipes based on preferences, dietary restrictions, and available ingredients. 

So, What Isn’t “In” This Year? 

We’ve talked a lot about what’s “in” this year, but now let’s take a quick look at the outdoor home design trends we’re saying goodbye to.  

Themed Spaces 

Tiki bars? Pub-style furniture you’d find at your local sports bar and grille? While fun, these oh-so-charming familiar themes are taking a backseat in 2024. Warm, neutral colors paired with a biophilic design will be much more commonplace.  

That Rustic Look 

Some might say rustic is a theme in itself. Wood, wood, and more wood with a healthy splash of Americana decor is a timeless classic, but these days, a shifting preference for modern minimalism has taken center stage. Sleek metal furniture with clean lines is much more low maintenance than wooden accoutrements.  

Being Too “Matchy-Matchy” 

Remember that meticulously coordinated patio set your grandma gushed over circa 1989? The one where every cushion, umbrella, and throw pillow sported the same floral pattern in a symphony of beige? Yeah, 2024 is waving goodbye to that kind of matchy-matchy monotony. 

Don't get us wrong, a little coordination can be comforting, but as we’ve learned, adherence to a single theme or color palette is not quite as popular as it once was. Individuality and DIY is all the rage.  

Ready to Renovate? 

Your dream deck and outdoor kitchen awaits you. Ready to renovate? Stick around the Knowledge Center to learn more about renovation loans and how they could give your home the makeover it deserves or give us a call to get started today!