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Feb 2024

Decorate on a Dime! Affordable Home Decor Ideas




Easy kitchen decor hacks


Inexpensive living room design tips


Budget-friendly bedroom stylings




Easy kitchen decor hacks


Inexpensive living room design tips


Budget-friendly bedroom stylings

Whether you’ve recently moved into your dream home (congratulations, by the way) or you’re just looking to put a spin on your place’s current feng shui, you’ve probably learned that decorating your living space can get quite expensive. The price tags on those 37 throw pillows added up quickly, and now there isn’t much wiggle room in the rest of your home decor budget. So, it’s time to make a change.  

To help your frugal furnishing efforts, we’ve assembled a list of affordable home decor ideas you can test out in every room to turn your house into a home. Starting with... 

The Kitchen 

Turn up the heat on your kitchen decor with a budget that won’t boil over.  

Paint a Section of Your Wall with Chalkboard Paint 

Chalkboard paint is inexpensive and useful to the entire family. From writing down grocery lists to letting your kids' artwork decorate your walls, it’ll give your kitchen a practical and personal touch. 

Turn Old Plates and Cutting Boards Into Wall Art 

Old kitchenware like Grandma’s porcelain dinner plates can easily become wall art or a sentimental mosaic in your kitchen. Or give your cooking area that rustic look by adorning your wall with a secondhand cutting board.  

Turn an Old Wine Bottle Into a Vase  

Upcycle an empty wine bottle by turning it into a vase for flowers or houseplants. You’ll blend fragrance with sophistication (and permanently have a reminder that it’s always wine o’clock).  

Not a wine drinker? No problem! A mason jar, candle holder, or olive oil bottle works just as well!

Choose Blinds Instead of Curtains... 

Blinds tend to be more economical than curtains and other window treatments. Plus, the slatted design won’t draw as much attention away from the rest of your decor.  

And Choose Curtains Instead of Cabinet Doors 

Go all in on the quaint village look by replacing cabinet doors with curtains. A fresh cut of gingham or other cotton-blend fabric adds comfort, coziness, and charm to any space.  

The Living/Family Room 

Friends and family members abound, your living or family room is ripe with affordable decor opportunities all will admire.

Add a Splash of Green 

Planting a low-maintenance indoor plant, like a bird of paradise, fiddle-leaf fig, or snake plant, in the corner of your living room is a proven way to boost your mood, reduce stress, and clean indoor air.  

Remember to ensure your new plant friend is pet- and child-friendly.

Iron On Trim to Old Curtains  

It’s time to go “Tony Stark” on any set of fraying curtains you planned on throwing out. Iron on decorative floral, chevron-style, or embroidered tape trim to breathe new life into your drapes (and living room) — no sewing machine necessary! 

Don’t Throw Away Old Furniture Just Yet... 

Purchasing new cushion covers for couches, loveseats, or throw pillows can extend the lifespan of your favorite family room seat. You could even replace the covers on special occasions and holidays to give your room that festive touch.  

Line Your Floor with Wool Carpeting  

This idea might cost more upfront, but choosing wool carpeting for your living room can save you money over time. Wool is stronger and more durable than synthetic alternatives, resists dust mites and allergens, and retains heat as a natural insulator.  

Create a Gallery with Framed “Artwork” 

Try hanging off cuts of wallpaper on your wall in identical or matching frames to create small galleries. Wallpaper is inexpensive and comes in endless designs and styles at your local paint shops or home improvement stores.  

The Bedroom  

Hit the hay in a bedroom that matches your taste and budget.  

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint or Accent Wall 

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint can change everything. Literally.  

Decorate your walls, or accentuate one wall, with a fresh and vivid finish. Something as simple as a new color scheme in your bedroom can do wonders for daily living.  

Make a Makeshift Bedroom Bench 

An old and fading wooden locker or chest makes the perfect end-of-bed bench. For an extra layer of comfort, line the “bench” with a cushion, pad, or color-palette-matching blanket.  

Mirrors Are Your Friend 

Mirror, mirror on the wall, why is this bedroom not so small? Mirrors can make any smaller or darker room appear larger and lighter. No magic needed, just science.  

Light Up the Ambience  

Instead of traditional ceiling-mounted fixtures, well-placed and lower-wattage lights and lamps can give your bedroom a back-lit ambience that isn’t as abrasive when entering from another room.  

Generally, lamps use less energy and electricity than ceiling lights.

DIY a Headboard  

Pallets, plywood, and reclaimed wood can each serve as a DIY headboard, if you’re up for the task. You don’t have to be an experienced woodworker for this project, just be sure to make cuts that fit your bed’s size.  

The Bathroom 

Upgrade your bathrooms’ look without flushing away your paycheck.  

Invest in an Oversized Area Rug 

An oversized area rug in your bathroom will cover up aging tiles and protect your feet from the natural cold floor. Rugs made of organic cotton, jute, or recycled rubber are sustainable and affordable.  

Install Cafe Curtains for the Best of Both Worlds 

Cafe curtains, also known as kitchen or tier curtains, cover only half or the bottom two-thirds of a window. This less-expensive option to full-size curtains will still maintain your privacy without losing any natural light.  

Wallpaper Half of the Walls 

Keeping with the same “half-sized” theme, try placing wallpaper on half of the walls in your bathroom as opposed to full lining. That way, you can spend less and keep your paper investment out of the shower’s splash zone.  

Raise Your Shelf Game with a Wooden Ladder 

A resized or miniature wooden ladder can easily become extra shelf space in your bathroom. Make the cut and hang your decorative towels on each rung of your ladder.  

Consider painting on a layer of water sealer to boost your ladder’s longevity.

 Make a Statement with a Custom Shower Curtain  

A plain shower curtain is cheap enough, but it can also be your canvas. Mix fabric paint and markers, stencils, and cloth strips to make your shower curtain a work of art.  

Okay, That Was a Lot... 

Who knew decorating your home’s interior could be so much fun work? Don’t get us started on the exterior...

But if your home is already furnished, you could always try rearranging your current layout to see if that satisfies those “HGTV impulses.” 

Of course, your mortgage should be just as affordable as your home decor. Luckily, we know a lender...

Happy decorating!