Cheers to 25 Years

You Know You Work for Atlantic Bay When…

We’d like to think we do things a little differently around here, and believe our people are a direct reflection of our values. That’s why you truly know you work for Atlantic Bay when...

Nov 15, 20213 minute read

We are proud to have grown our team from a small handful of people to more than 1,000 talented mortgage professionals in the last 25 years. From a few sales team members to entire departments dedicated to each intricate part of the home loan process, we truly believe our team is comprised of the best of the best in our industry!

If you’re a current or prospective team member, you’ll probably think (or soon learn!) that these hit the nail right on the head. You truly know you work for Atlantic Bay when...

Giving Back is Part of What Drives You

Several years ago, Atlantic Bay developed AB Cares with the core idea of doing good and giving back in the communities we serve. Through employee-run community impact committees, our team members voice their ideas and passions for causes meaningful to them, our borrowers, and the communities we live and lend in. Then, we get to work.

Additionally, with every loan closed, Atlantic Bay contributes to community causes like Roc Solid Foundation that helps build hope for kids and families fighting cancer. And our commitment doesn’t stop with our corporate sponsorships; we donate time, funds, and resources to a variety of nonprofits and organizations as we continue growing our footprint.

Lending peace of mind goes beyond mortgages, and that’s why giving back is such a big bonus for our people.

Boring Isn’t In Your Vocabulary

Our people like to have fun. We truly believe that’s why, in our 25th year in business, we were awarded the #1 Top Mortgage Company to Work for by National Mortgage News, which is an award centered around employee feedback.

We like to make sure people enjoy what they do, and that means adding in team happy hours, virtual bonding experiences, and making sure that our Atlantic Bay family feels included and involved.

You Get that Tracking Number Email...

...and you know you’re about to get some happy mail!

With the amount of love that is spread here in the form of candy, blankets, coffee, sweatshirts, swag, and lots of handwritten notes, it’s hard to feel disconnected and underappreciated. Company leadership and management work incredibly hard to ensure that our remote employees – and those in the office, too! - continue to know how valued they are. So, when you get that tracking number email, you know it’s going to be a good mail day!

Your Whole T-Shirt Drawer is Atlantic Bay-Related

Our team stays top-notch with designs and options to ensure that our brand is well-represented and always looks good in public. And with that means... we’ve created a few t-shirt hoarders. From DEI initiative tees, to charity runs, to an employee-design contest feature, or just because the design is too fresh, we can almost guarantee an average team member is stocked on tees.

You Show Up Early to a Friday Morning Meeting

…..because the music is usually on point, and you will never leave discouraged or disappointed. From the music selections from team members, to chatting core values, to leaving each meeting off on a Feel Good Friday sort of note, our team members always love taking part in our weekly all-team meetings.

You’re Not Willing to Lose

We can almost bet there isn’t a single team member who doesn’t sit up a little straighter or tune in a little more intensely when they find out that there is some sort of competition involved in the meeting – especially trivia games.

A little healthy competing never hurt anyone, right? And that’s why our sales team members are always pushing and driving toward their goals of Top Producer, Best Month Ever, Sales Trip, Chairman’s and President’s Club, and everything else in between that’s important in work and life. Our people aren’t willing to lose or settle for less – and we love that little bit of hunger that drives us! It makes for some great memories and the best comradery.

You Believe the E in CEO Stands for Empathy

Without a doubt, the most empathetic leader in the industry is our CEO Brian Holland. Whether it’s something work-related and he wants to provide transparency and realness, or someone has experienced a personal struggle and he’s lending a comforting word, he’s an all-in sort of leader. That same empathy radiates throughout our leadership team, and Brian truly is the shining example of that genuine care and understanding.

You Have “Work Besties” in Different Departments

Because of our unique One-Team Approach and an emphasis on building real relationships, we are lucky to have work friends in various departments. Whether you’re in Business Development and you’re tight with someone in Marketing or you’re a Mortgage Banker and you have become great friends with your closing team, the genuine care exuded between people is just special.

Though the list could go on and on, we can just sum this whole piece up by saying that we are grateful for our people. They truly do make work dynamic and fun, and you have the peace of mind that you’re surrounded by great people with genuine hearts and intentions.