Culture of Support

A Marketing Team that Works for You

Our diverse team takes the guesswork out of what needs to be in a marketing mix. That way the focus remains on those who matter most: our borrowers.

Jun 09, 20213 minute read

Being a marketing leader for the #1 Best Large Mortgage Companies to Work For comes naturally to Jessica Swink, Vice President of Digital and Brand Experience at Atlantic Bay. She would never tell you this, of course – she’s humble that way. Her passion for growth—not only for her team, but for the Atlantic Bay brand—runs deep.

“One of my greatest responsibilities is that people identify with our brand and all the things we stand for. Whether you’re in a branch location or working virtually with a Mortgage Banker or an employee who works here, I want it to be a positive and memorable experience for you. We’re making sure we carry our core values through everything that the brand touches,” Jessica said.

On how we’re different

Unlike other companies, we’ve dedicated an entire Success Team to each Mortgage Banker who joins Atlantic Bay. This team is in place to anticipate Sales’ needs, prescribe best practices and refine techniques over time. They have a deep understanding of what is available from our marketing menu so that Mortgage Bankers can keep growing their business and focus on what matters: our borrowers and their peace of mind.

This team is designed to take the guesswork out of what needs to be in a Mortgage Banker’s marketing mix.

“We want our Mortgage Bankers to get off the ground and running as quickly as possible. We provide a lot of set-it-and-forget-it tools which allow Mortgage Bankers to make the most of their time. When it comes time to focus on planning and growing their business through marketing, we make ourselves available whenever they’re ready.” The goal is to ensure that our team members feel supported and have the tools and resources they need in order to succeed from day one.

Our one-team approach

A quintessential aspect of Atlantic Bay is that we lean into other departments. There are many steps Atlantic Bay takes to ensure that every person in every department has the tools they need to thrive in their role.

Jessica describes the One-Team Approach as multiple departments – from IT, business development, operations, technology, data and more – coming together to work on challenges and provide solutions for sales. Not only is every Mortgage Banker assigned their own Operations support team, but they also have direct access to support staff across the board – at any time.

“It’s very important for me and my position to be in tune with all the different areas of the company. We want to make sure that Technology, Operations, Business Development and all the other pieces overlay. We’re looking at how Marketing can influence and shape the other departments. By doing this, we have a very strong, cohesive leadership team overall as a company.”

Being an expert on all things

Guess what, we’re not! That’s why we really want to leverage all the resources at our disposal within the company.

“As a Marketing team, we don’t make decisions in a silo or as marketers, we leverage focus groups comprised of Mortgage Bankers, Business Development and Sales Managers. We’re experts in Marketing, but we’re not experts in all the things that make our Mortgage Bankers great. So, we involve them in the process." Knowledge is power and knowing all aspects of the company both internally and market-wide is beneficial for growing a business and offering the best support.

“It’s important to know where your strengths are as a company and where they’re not. Allowing yourself to partner with the right strategic vendors and relationships in the industry really helps you fill in the gaps where you might not be experts. One of the things I appreciate at Atlantic Bay is that we really do bring the best-in-class marketing tech tools that are industry-specific to the table.” Paving the way is something our leadership team is whole-heartedly dedicated to doing.

We’re continuing to evolve

After giving you a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of our growing Mortgage Bankers’ business, it’s time to dive into the growth of our team. Jessica has grown the marketing team into what it is today, from CRM specialists to social and digital media experts, dynamic creative designers and talented web developers. She makes a true effort to place the right people in the right seats. She also takes pride in cultivating growth and celebrating success within the company overall.

With that growth, comes evolution and change. To evolve with the technology, we’re making sure that our Atlantic Bay team has the tools they need for success.

“Technology powers so much, what we do really well is not only identify the best technology for our Mortgage Bankers, but we do a great job training them and prescribing how to use the tool. Our success team takes it a step further – now you know how to use tool, let us show you the value of that tool for time efficiency and automate so that you have more time for your clients.”

As a leader, Jessica is evolving too, but one thing that remains the same is her passion for the digital world.

“The digital customer experience and understanding how people engage with our brands is my favorite part of Marketing. Meeting people where they are and giving them what they need is what excites me most. We have the ultimate obligation as a company to meet people wherever they are in the home buying process and a lot of those opportunities exist on digital.”

These are personal anecdotes from each individual’s experiences that are unique and not representative of Atlantic Bay's views or practices. Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, L.L.C. NMLS #72043 ( is an Equal Opportunity Employer.