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Behind the Scenes: A One Team Approach

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May 13, 20216 minute read

At Atlantic Bay, we might have a “Sales side” and an “Operations side” (along with our Corporate friends!), but when it boils down to it, we are one team. It’s a huge part of our Culture of Support, and it allows our team members to build real relationships with one another in an industry that’s typically not conducive to allowing Mortgage Bankers to build relationships directly with Operations team members.

The One-Team Approach is most notable in the way we conduct business with Mortgage Bankers and Operations support. Here, each Mortgage Banker has their own designated closer, processor and underwriter.

There’s no guessing game involved in borrowers’ files. “Each underwriter has their own style and thought process. The One-Team Approach takes away the stress of wondering which style of underwriting the file will be reviewed. You have consistency with required documentation and a better customer experience overall. Let’s face it, when our borrowers are having a great experience, we’re all in a much better place mentally with our team and families,” says Producing Sales Manager Kathy Terry.

With direct access to her underwriter, closer, processor, marketing team, and everyone in between, Kathy has felt more comfort in the process of the file from start to finish. “My team and I don’t always agree on everything, but we talk through it. We figure it out as a team.” Kathy says.

At Atlantic Bay, lending peace of mind doesn’t just speak to our goals with borrowers. We strive to make life and business as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

Transitioning into a team

When Kathy transitioned to Atlantic Bay, she was already producing a steady volume each month, and wasn’t sure how she would be able to transfer her pipeline without suffering a lapse in business. “I was able to start producing right away and work with the processes my team already had in place, while just adjusting a few things with my own style. As with most Type A personalities, I wanted to control the file and processes. Coming on board, I was assured the system would work and my team communicated a lot more than what was needed for the first few files to get me to my comfort level of letting go of the file,” Kathy adds. The overall experience for the Mortgage Banker, Operations Team, and borrower improves because everyone is on the same page from day one.

"We have consistency in our communication and processes, and I know my team is going to be there to support me and our borrowers every step of the way.”

Like Kathy, most Atlantic Bay Mortgage Bankers also share that the One-Team Approach has been a big selling point for them with borrowers, agents and other industry partners. “It feels like we are always on the same page. We’re able to be proactive for borrowers instead of being reactive and causing delays,” which is a big win in a business that’s built on relationships and leaving positive lasting impressions. “Our clients remember us and the services we deliver. We are only a success TOGETHER. I send pictures from closings to my entire team because I know I didn’t do that alone – We are successful TOGETHER and we all deserve to be a part of that end line celebration,” Kathy shares!

From the Operations perspective

Kathy shares so much adoration and appreciation for her Operations Team – specifically Senior Processor, Julanna Brown, Senior Closer, Naysha Baker, and Senior Underwriter, Kendra Joiner. “I really can’t express my love for this team,” Kathy says. When asked to describe their team in three words, she paused, asked if she could choose more than three, and then determined “Successful. Compassionate. Consistent.” as the top contenders. And because this powerhouse team plays equally weighted roles, we wanted to gather some thoughts from Julanna, Naysha and Kendra too!

A Quick Q&A

How has the One-Team Approach impacted your overall satisfaction with your role at ABMG?

Julanna: The support that rallies around me gives me a sense of commitment to working hard and going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction both externally and internally. When you work for a company that you know genuinely cares about you, your commitment to the brand becomes stronger and you work in a mindset of excellence.

Kendra: I’m able to really connect with my teammates which allows the mortgage workflow to run much smoother.  Allowing us to become more like family members rather than business partners and each of us leaning on each other for support.  I would say this is the “magic” sauce that keeps the train running in the fastest direction to exceed the customers’ expectations.

Naysha: The One-Team Approach has impacted my overall satisfaction with my role by allowing me to be a hand in a common vision- our core values. When you believe in your team and have the opportunity to build on that foundation, it creates an open door for endless success. That success then molds mutual long-term relationships that are not only beneficial to the company but to us as individuals!

How has this structure allowed you to forge bonds with your Mortgage Banker?

Julanna: It has allowed me to strengthen my communication and remain polished in my job performance to deliver quality loan files.

Kendra: I am able to work one on one with the Mortgage Banker.  This strengthens both our confidences.

Naysha: This structure has allowed me to be essential when it comes to forging a bond with my Mortgage Banker. Being essential keeps me on track with creating measurable goals defined by our desired success as a team. There is an abundance of resources available when we work together, and unprecedented progress comes with such!

How has Atlantic Bay's structure compared to previous places you may have worked?

Julanna: There is no comparison. To have a full support team designed to assist you in being successful and still remain human and not robotic means a lot.

Kendra: Superior by far! ABMG truly, in all aspects of the word, works as a “TEAM”.  They live out their “faith” in the word TEAM and we can all see it really does payoff.  We are able to put so many more customers in homes because we are able to move a high volume of loans into closing at a quicker pace than our competitors.

Naysha: ABMG’s structure has set the bar high from any other place I have worked. This company is truly compassionate about “us” the people, the workers. We are not just numbers here. Our level of service is appreciated just as the opportunities given. ABMG genuinely cares and they exemplify that! I take pride in knowing that even on a day when I am not at my best, there are many others who would stand behind me and help pick up the pieces. This is what it means to be a team.

Can you tell us about a time that was particularly stressful, and you were able to work with your team, behind the scenes, to shield the borrower from any unnecessary stress?

Julanna: There were many but the overall end result is that we always partner up with everyone involved in the process to ensure the best resolution is met in order to meet deadlines of contracts and borrower's’ personal situations from having a baby, loss of loved one, sending kids off to college, to simultaneous closing, and out of state relocation. The journey has been real.

Kendra: Honestly, I can’t think of a specific instance, but I do know that we work together every day to eliminate the borrowers’ stress.

Naysha: Month end may be stressful at times and turn times unmanageable when rushes are swarming in. It is common for most of our business partners to panic and assume that we will miss our closing dates and times. I have been in this situation a time or two and when you keep an open line of communication and keep progressing even when time is not on our side, I’ve seen miracles happen. Kathy and I have been in these situations and the cherry on the top is when we pull off a last-minute closing and all parties are delighted with our drive and service ethic.

Behind the scenes: That’s a wrap!

Genuinely caring about people is at the core of everything we do at Atlantic Bay – and that’s why “We genuinely care” is one of our three core values. We are focused on building meaningful relationships, and we know that it starts right here “at home” with our team members. By implementing a One-Team Approach, we can offer a different level experience for our Sales and Operations Teams alike, while also providing better services to borrowers, real estate agents, and other industry partners. Lending peace of mind is a 360-degree approach, and it takes a united, One-Team Approach to do so!

These are personal anecdotes from each individuals experiences that are unique and not representative of Atlantic Bay's views or practices. Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, L.L.C. NMLS #72043 ( is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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