Culture of Support

Behind the Scenes: Atlantic Bay Ops

Lending peace of mind has always been at the core of what we do. Look no further than the superheroes on the ground making it all possible: our dedicated Operations team.

Jun 02, 20216 minute read

When you’re on the Atlantic Bay team, it doesn’t take long to see what sets us apart. Our people work together seamlessly so our Mortgage Bankers, homebuyers, and all parties involved in the home loan process have the peace of mind they deserve.

Here, we’re like a well-oiled machine getting the job done, day in and day out. So, who are some of the people responsible for keeping the wheels turning behind the scenes?

Meet the Atlantic Bay Operations team, Ops for short!

At Atlantic Bay, our Ops team works WITH our Sales team, not against. Our Ops team is dedicated to getting the loan closed quickly and smoothly. And they’re dedicated to their Mortgage Bankers.

Each Mortgage Banker is assigned one team to work closely with on every loan: one specific processor, underwriter, and closer.

A Relationship Mindset

Clif Gustafson, Underwriting Manager

It’s Atlantic Bay’s standard to deliver excellent customer service, prioritize relationships, and put people first. In the Underwriting department, they do just that, while helping get everyone to the closing table on time.

“In Underwriting, we build relationships with the Mortgage Banker, the closer, and the processor,” Clif shared. “We all show up every day with the same mindset, which is to deliver consistency to our Mortgage Bankers so they can confidently go out and build relationships.”

At the center of relationships between underwriters and Mortgage Bankers is transparency and communication. To ensure a smooth journey to closing, Mortgage Bankers have direct access to their underwriter, and vice versa. A solid foundation is built on trust within each team.

“We want our Mortgage Bankers to focus solely on originating loans and building relationships with their clients and real estate partners,” said Clif. “We take away the legwork and guesswork, because they shouldn’t have to worry about where the loan is in the process or what’s needed next – we take care of everything behind the scenes and provide updates every step of the way.”

When Clif was asked what he considers to be a selling point for mortgage bankers interested in joining Atlantic Bay, he said:

“With our Operations team by your side, uncertainty doesn’t exist – you can pick up the phone and call your underwriter anytime. Working here gives you a competitive edge simply because you’re able to deliver an unparalleled level of certainty to clients and industry professionals.”

A Common Sense Approach

Andrea Manti, Processing Manager

A processor at Atlantic Bay is more than likely two things, detailed and organized. Loans live in the Processing department the longest when compared to underwriting and closing. Processors are an integral part of the loan process, working closely with both the Mortgage Banker and their client.

Even though the Processing department is a major player behind the scenes, and not directly involved in the sale of the loan, it’s still important for them to have strong communication skills and a nurturing nature.

“We’re a relationship-based industry. While processors are primarily doing task-related work, they’re also busy building and maintaining relationships. Processors at Atlantic Bay must have a willingness to pick up the phone to communicate with Mortgage Bankers and their clients; verbal interactions are key – print and digital communications don’t yield the same kind of relationship,” Andrea said.

One of Andrea’s favorite parts about Atlantic Bay is that the company always looks for ways to increase efficiencies. An Atlantic Bay processor has a full skillset, meaning loans aren’t compartmentalized or divvyed up among people who specialize in particular loans. Andrea said, “For the most part, our processors can do them all.”

Andrea explained that the Processing department has a unique approach when hiring. Since processors are responsible for piecing together many moving parts, Atlantic Bay processors can work with operations assistants (OA). An OA strengthens the support given to the borrower, the processor, and the Mortgage Banker. The idea here is, an OA can later transition into processing role seamlessly, with first-hand experience.

She explained this further when she said, “We farm our own people. Even if someone has marginal experience, you can pair them with a processor to assist and learn the systems, build their skillset over time, and then end up with a processor who knows the ins and outs of how to get a loan to closing at Atlantic Bay. We look for candidates who work hard, want to learn and grow, and who give our Mortgage Bankers the support they need.”

She added, “When a processor has an OA like this, the processor is able to give our Sales team a better quality of service and the OA is a second set of eyes and hands making the process smooth for all parties involved. And it goes beyond that. Mortgage Bankers’ clients, real estate agents, and builders are often impressed by the personal relationships they have with our team. It’s reassuring for each Mortgage Banker to know that the processing department has their back, in addition to supporting their business relationships.”

A Team Player Through and Through

Annah Parker, Closing Manager

Before settling into Atlantic Bay and gaining a clear vision of what a forever workplace looks like, she was a paralegal on the settlement side of a real estate firm for more than a decade. Atlantic Bay’s culture is what ultimately persuaded her to make her career move.

“When I was considering joining Atlantic Bay, I was weighing other options as well,” Annah reminisced. “I had heard about the one-of-a-kind culture Atlantic Bay has, but it wasn’t until CEO, Brian Holland, personally reached out to me about taking the position here that I saw firsthand how special it really is.”

What makes the Closing department, and Ops as a whole, incomparably efficient are the people who make up the team. The quality of each team member is what has built Atlantic Bay’s track record of trust over the years – from the borrower, co-worker, and Mortgage Banker perspectives.

When hiring or promoting from within, Annah shared, “We’re looking for people who align with our core values. An integral piece to being a strong team member – to your team, clients, and Mortgage Banker – is someone who embodies what makes us who we are. We genuinely care, show up with a positive attitude, and know how to have a good time while getting the job done.”

As a closer, what’s important for our Mortgage Bankers is developing a team and process they can trust and rely on to get to the finish line, and that’s where Annah and the Closing department come into play.

“We take the time to learn what each Mortgage Banker’s preferences are. When new Mortgage Bankers come on, we reach out to them to learn what will make them work efficiently, tailor the process, and then on our end, we make it happen.”

If Annah had to pitch Atlantic Bay to a mortgage banker thinking about making a transition, she’d start out by explaining the one-team approach within Ops.

She said, “The relationship between closing, processing, and underwriting is as transparent as it gets. We all come in as a team to support each other, we’re in communication constantly, and we all share the same goal: Take care of the borrowers, keep Mortgage Bankers updated, and get the loan closed quickly and as smoothly as possible.”

More than Two Decades in the Making

Clif, Andrea, and Annah took time to shed light on who the person (really, it’s many inspiring people) is working hard behind the scenes to make it possible for homebuyers and homeowners to realize their homeownership dreams. “Dedicated Operations team” has a whole new meaning after you’ve learned how underwriting, processing, and closing work together and put people first.

They all agree that the reason operations at Atlantic Bay stands out is because the people genuinely care. A position in operations lends itself to becoming high-pressure, fast paced, and sometimes stressful; what makes it possible for them manage high volume and happy teams is the Culture of Support.

Andrea put it simply and said, “I’ve never worked for a company that cares so much about its employees. You can have a CEO and COO say they care, but ours show they care. It’s always been consistent since day one. I’ve known I’m supported and appreciated, and I’m given the tools I need to do my job well. This allows me to manage a team who thrives and gives Mortgage Bankers the security they need to succeed.”

Clif summed it up and said, “We’re happy to work hard for our Mortgage Bankers and clients so they can achieve their goals. This attitude is a direct result of our culture; and this is coming from the top – it’s all filtered down the managers, and then to all the teams. It’s rare to find a company whose people genuinely care about each other and their success.”

And Annah painted the picture clearly when she shared, “Our culture means everything to me. We’ve always had a team-oriented culture, where we genuinely cared, inspired growth, and had fun along the way, but with these core values established, we’ve been building an even more unified team of individuals who work hard and shine. It’s because we have the support and ideals stemming from our leadership, and all the way from the top down.”

Mortgage Bankers are lending peace of mind to their clients every day, and the superheroes who make up the operations department are lending peace of mind to their Mortgage Bankers. It turns out, lending peace of mind isn’t just our tagline, it’s the Atlantic Bay way.

These are personal anecdotes from each individual’s experiences that are unique and not representative of Atlantic Bay's views or practices. Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, L.L.C. NMLS #72043 ( is an Equal Opportunity Employer.