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Coaching: Leaving a Legacy On and Off the Court

We know that the path to growth and success for each of our Mortgage Bankers is different. That’s why our Sales Coaching program focuses on the areas most important to YOU.

Jun 02, 20215 minute read

Both on and off the court, coaching and leadership are passions that Jeremy Jordan, Senior Mortgage Banker with Atlantic Bay, has always focused on. Over the last several months, Jeremy has joined the leadership coaching program within the Sales team that has allowed him to take a deeper dive in to his “Why” and plan out the measures to ensure he can take his business, and life to the next level.

Even a coach needs coaching sometimes.

When he isn’t originating loans, Jeremy can be found coaching high school varsity basketball, which has been a major part of his life for twelve years now. Being involved in the local community and continuing his father’s legacy of leadership is a big part of his Why - and the reason he pushes to help more and more athletes and mortgage professionals alike through coaching.

Jeremy has always found inspiration in other coaches’ mindsets and has posters all over his office space to help feed his motivation. He says, “My favorite quote is from Clemson’s Dabo Swinney which says, ‘Think about your dream. Then, put your head down and go to work.’ I've always tried to stay focused and consistent in order to grow, and over the years I have sort of learned that sometimes that growth can’t happen alone. I know I’ve got a lot of the fundamental things, but there is some stuff I might need to look up for and ask for help with.”

Even a coach needs coaching sometimes, and Jeremy understands that learning doesn’t have a final destination – and we should never stop growing if we want to stay relevant. That’s why Jeremy joined the leadership coaching program.

“When I heard about the program, it was a no-brainer… If I can access resources to take my business, my life, my community to the next level… I’m doing it.”

Through various coaching modules, check-ins, access to additional resources, and so much more, he is working to expand upon his leadership skillset and become a better resource for his community, industry partners, team members and most importantly, his family.

Live the life you imagined.

Jeremy was a young mortgage professional when he arrived at Atlantic Bay, coming from a place with great people, but where opportunities to grow were meek and the stress was too much to bear at times for an unexperienced loan officer. “Before coming here, my training consisted of a small coffee table and a small 3-ring binder that told me step-by-step how to originate mortgages. When I came here, I finally had the support I needed to get into the field and get going… The company has done a great job of getting the right people on board to help us grow in the areas that are most important to us. That’s why I’ve liked the coaching program so much,” Jeremy says.

Through his experiences, he has been afforded opportunities to expand his talents in ways he didn’t know possible. As a mentee in the coaching program, he is challenged and supported to focus on areas for improvement which has resulted in growth in various areas, not just production based.

Most notable in recent months was the fact that he gained enough courage and confidence to reach out to a high-producing real estate team in his market – something he would have never considered doing even a few years ago. And he got deals from it! Having the courage to reach out to someone you don’t have a relationship with and working to build something from scratch is tough and can certainly be intimidating, even for a seasoned mortgage professional.

Over his 13 years with Atlantic Bay, Jeremy has grown to be the leader and live the life he had always envied. “I always dreamed of being a Top 10 Producer or in the President’s Club. It seemed so far out of my reach… But over time, I began to access different resources and trainings. I worked really hard. People came alongside me and took their time to help me to make sure I succeeded. It didn’t all happen overnight, but I’m where I’ve always wanted to be. I am a consistent Top Producer, but I also can keep coaching the basketball team and prioritize my family,” Jeremy says.

Jeremy recalls memories of watching his father as a business leader in his local community, and says he unknowingly learned some of his greatest lessons in business from him. Most notably, his view on the idea of leaving behind a legacy. “Something that’s big for me, even more so since my dad passed, is living up to the expectations that my parents had for me. We strived for success, and that isn’t always measured in money. What is the legacy you’re going to leave? My Why, in addition to providing financially for my children, prioritizing family, and so on – is to leave a long-lasting legacy. Whenever the time comes that I’m called to move forward from Earth, it’s leaving that legacy that folks talk about fondly down the road that does it for me. I ultimately just hope people think I was a good person and I cared about people,” Jeremy adds.

Whether someone has goals to grow their business and make more money, build a team, forge more industry relationships, gain confidence to call someone new, find a healthy work-life balance, focus on mental and physical health, or anything in between, the resources here can be quickly dialed in to make our team members successful and happy!

Success is possible for anyone here.

“Our company has continued to get better. I’ve been here for a lot of seasons of change and great growth. And our success company-wide has grown drastically. Atlantic Bay has a high success ratio with Mortgage Bankers who transition to our company. If they stick with it and work hard, the sky is the limit,” Jeremy shares.

‘We inspire growth’ is one of Atlantic Bay’s three core values – and that consistency in a growth mindset is key to unlocking new levels of potential. “I’ve tried to establish my business in a way so that I’m planting seeds on a daily basis. But you have to water those seeds, right? Topsoil, Lyme, there’s a whole process. This business isn’t a get-rich-quick business. And while you can afford yourself wonderful opportunities, it’s about being a model of consistency and continuing to grow and evolve in your approach so you can become a better professional and leader. With consistency, those seeds blossom and grow. And now we have grass growing!”

Being a coach at heart, Jeremy is a big fan of Atlantic Bay’s perspective on growth and helping people become the best versions of themselves. Whether someone is a Top Producer month after month or a younger mortgage professional who is full of potential but just needs someone to take the time to help them along, that’s what Atlantic Bay does – and that’s been Jeremy’s experience over the last decade and some change. Leaving us with a mic drop moment, Jeremy adds, “In the mortgage business, everyone has the opportunity to make it to the top. It’s just a matter of whether or not you have the drive, consistency, and the support system in place to make you successful… In my opinion, Atlantic Bay has the formula right.”

These are personal anecdotes from each individual’s experiences that are unique and not representative of Atlantic Bay's views or practices. Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, L.L.C. NMLS #72043 ( is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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