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Helping Our People Grow in Ways Most Important to Them

We understand that business goals look different for each person – and that's why our growth plans are completely customized to each individual.

Jun 02, 20214 minute read

Growth and success are both relative terms that can vary from one Mortgage Banker to the next. At Atlantic Bay, we understand that business goals look different for each person - and support cannot be a one-size-fits-all application.

Three internal sales coaches have spent the last 18 months revitalizing a coaching program to help Mortgage Bankers reach their goals more quickly than they would have by themselves. “I think the success that our company had last year, collectively, during a time of change and uncertainty… that speaks to the company’s core values and how they were displayed this last year,” says Steve Powell, one of ABMG’s Internal Sales Coaches.

Growth isn’t just tied to production.

The goal of the Atlantic Bay internal coaching program is to mentor the Mortgage Bankers and help them navigate the areas of their business that are most challenging to them. And that growth isn’t always necessarily tied to production.

“Helping Mortgage Bankers accomplish what they want to in their business plans and create a purpose is key. We then go a step further to help them fulfill that purpose – not just in their work, but in their personal life, too. Because living their best lives is really important to us.”

While a portion of the work is targeted toward core sales behaviors and activities, the goal is for them to become more organized in their business – and to do so by taking formulated steps. When an end goal is identified by the coach and trainee, the baby steps are then planned out and a challenging, yet attainable game plan is drawn up.

With current Mortgage Bankers in the program ranging from 1-20+ years of experience in lending, business goals range from both ends of the spectrum. From top producers to those only closing a few loans a month, growth isn’t just tied to production.

“For some people, it’s as simple as getting over call reluctance. For other people, it’s incorporating a good morning routine. After 2020, a common theme was finding a healthy work-life balance and showing their family that they’re the most important priority,” explained Internal Coach Jeff Verry.

A wide range of goals requires the coaches to really hone in on each person’s experiences, fears, concerns, doubts, and weaknesses in order to determine the best way to build them up and support them to be the best mortgage professional – and husband, wife, father, mother, daughter, son, sister, brother, friend, and community member possible.

Accountability is key.

With multiple different approaches to accountability being used, there is a method that works for everyone. While each of the coaches utilizes a slightly different accountability method, the follow-through is placed on the Mortgage Banker, and fully supported by the coach. Steve tells us, “I ask them straightforward… what is it that you want to be held accountable for this week? And they single out those focus areas. My job is then to check in, encourage and support however needed.”

When performance is measured and then reported back, especially at a high frequency of weekly meeting, the coach and trainee really start to gain traction and find a rhythm that works. The program is in no way used as a performance plan. Trainees elect to participate in the program because they have identified that there are areas of their business they want to take to the next level, or they have basic skills they need enhanced. Frequency in accountability and allowing the trainee to control their focuses is an undeniable combination for coaching success – and we have seen evidence of that through our coaching program participants this last year.

“This program is something that Emily Farley and Brian Mason helped create and really wanted to do. Coaching has always been important - from the very top. When we started the pilot two and a half years ago, we began with six people and quickly grew to twenty participants – and it’s done nothing but grow since inception. It’s a huge testament to the culture of support our leadership team has fostered,” Jeff says.

“No easy goals – those aren’t goals.”

“I’m into simple habits, but that doesn’t mean easy. Simple habit changes and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, that’s big. But that doesn’t fit everyone. You have your comfort zone, and the magic doesn’t happen until you get outside of it. I live that. I preach that. And I help people get there,” Jeff tells us.

We inspire growth.

For one hour each week, the coach and trainee meet to focus solely on the Mortgage Banker, their past week of accountability reporting, and the week ahead. This is a huge advantage that many companies are unable to offer - a one-on-one growth session every single week.

Additionally, we can offer internal insight and context that an external coaching group would be unable to know and offer. “The speed at which we can pull in resources to help that other people can’t help with outside the organization – it’s a time saver and stress reducer,” Steve adds.

To stay on top of industry changes, some members of the Internal Coaching team maintain their license to originate. In fact, they originate several times a year to stay in tune with the process so they can better understand Mortgage Bankers and any pain points they may be experiencing.

“Every experience has led me to where I am right now – I truly am in the right place, at the right time, doing what I was born to do,” Jeff says with a smile.

The success of the internal coaching program is due to its dedication to fostering a culture of support. Whenever. Wherever. However.

These are personal anecdotes from each individual’s experiences that are unique and not representative of Atlantic Bay's views or practices. Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, L.L.C. NMLS #72043 ( is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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