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Lending Financial Peace of Mind to our Mortgage Bankers

With an unheard-of Progressive Earnings Plan, Atlantic Bay team members have the opportunity to take more control of their personal finances for years to come.

Jul 19, 20214 minute read

At Atlantic Bay, our slogan “Lending Peace of Mind” goes well beyond the mortgage experience. It’s not just limited to our borrowers, but a large focus of this ethos is on our people.

Our people are our top priority. And that’s why our goal is always to ensure their needs are met as well.

“A problem in the mortgage industry is that there is no opportunity for residual, long-term income for our Sales team. You start over again every month at square one—at zero dollars. The Progressive Earnings Plan (PEP) allows our Mortgage Bankers to earn overtime on the loans retained in our servicing portfolio,” Atlantic Bay CEO Brian Holland shares.

With the PEP program, our Mortgage Bankers can create a more salaried lifestyle for themselves. Whether business slows down during a certain time of year, a family vacation puts you out-of-office, or a child is headed off to college and tuition is now a priority, PEP gives our Mortgage Bankers financial flexibility, ownership, and confidence.

A Little PEP Talk

The Progressive Earnings Plan is a long-term earnings option that allows Mortgage Bankers to get paid out on loans they close that also remain in Atlantic Bay’s portfolio, as opposed to a one-time payout on each loan. This means no starting each month with a goose egg. Instead, there is already a cushion in place that has been built up over time that allows you and your family some financial freedom.

Any Mortgage Banker who is in good standing with the company is eligible to participate in PEP.

Ginny Phillips, a top-producing Senior Mortgage Banker and annual Chairman’s Club earner, has been enrolled in the PEP program since its original inception in 2016.

“It’s a no-brainer. It has relieved so much anxiety for me related to my pipeline and time management. This is an extremely busy industry, we work long hours, and we often sacrifice time with loved ones. PEP gives me the option to hit the pause button or build a buffer.”

Lending Financial Peace of Mind

“Ginny has seen the snowball effect,” says Emily Farley, Atlantic Bay’s Chief Lending Officer, referencing how Ginny’s long-time participation in the program has given her even more control over her finances, investments, and beyond.

We know that if the people who make up this great company aren’t taken care of, it’ll be a domino effect to lower morale and production. That’s why our employees’ financial health matters so much to our leadership team.

“I thought it was so great when Brian came up with this program because it was all about our people,” Emily explains. “It’s always about taking care of our people. This industry is a grind. And while other financial industries have residual income, we don’t in mortgage. This provides that opportunity for financial peace of mind.”

Brian experienced the same financial stress and pressure every month when he originated early on in his career, and he knew he couldn’t allow Mortgage Bankers at Atlantic Bay to feel that same level of stress. “We covered all of our bases. I met with every last person I needed to ensure this works for our people,” Brian shares.

With more than five years of participation in the PEP program, Ginny can’t fathom why someone wouldn’t want to take advantage of the plan. “It’s extremely generous of Atlantic Bay to even offer this program. It also provides incentive for good, high-quality files and longevity in our relationship together. This is just one more way Atlantic Bay treats us like family, not employees.”

“Set It and Forget It!”

One of PEP’s many perks is that it acts as a pension plan re-imagined. Though retirement and pension options are common in many financial fields, they are infrequent in the mortgage industry. PEP is truly one-of-a-kind. Nothing like this exists out there, and it has provided a more salaried-style income with the ability to plan for the future, unlike ever before.

While many Mortgage Bankers will choose to place investments in real estate and other businesses, others may elect to work with a financial planner—but that takes discipline to put away money every quarter. “With PEP, you can set it and forget it!” Ginny shares. And that’s an exciting bonus we’ve heard our current program participants praise. PEP is such a great way to build up their income every single month and create a longer-term income arrangement. And you won’t find that anywhere else.

“Here, You’re Family… and Your Family is Family, Too!”

The survivor benefit is another way Brian and the Executive Leadership Team take care of our people’s people—even when they’re no longer with us. For up to 24 months after the unforeseen death of a plan participant, the family members/beneficiaries will receive the employee’s compensation on loans remaining in our portfolio.

“Brian didn’t have to add in the survivor benefit. But that just goes to show that he means what he says when he talks about genuine care. He’s ingrained it into every corner of this company, even down to taking care of our people after they’ve passed. Here, you’re family … and your family is family too!” Emily adds.

PEP continues to reinforce Atlantic Bay’s core belief that family is—and always will be —first. Our care for our people (and their people) won’t just end abruptly because of an unforeseen passing.

PEP Summed Up

When asked for their 30-second elevator pitch on PEP, its benefits, and why it’s great, Brian, Emily, and Ginny each gave a great take from their unique perspectives within the organization.

Brian: “PEP was created with the sole intent to better support our Mortgage Bankers. We saw a need in the mortgage industry, and the Progressive Earnings Plan allows us to fill that financial void for our people. We’re proud to offer PEP because it truly is one-of-a-kind. There’s nothing in our industry like this for financial planning purposes.”

Emily: “Brian absolutely hit the nail on the head. PEP was created by mortgage professionals for Mortgage Bankers to ensure that we fulfill our core values and responsibilities of genuinely caring for and taking care of the people on our teams.”

Ginny: “PEP is just another example of how Atlantic Bay loves on their people. They put “genuinely care” into each decision made. I’ve been originating mortgages for a hot minute and can say there is nothing out there like PEP. Atlantic Bay has set an industry standard in caring for Mortgage Bankers and am so thankful to be a part of it.”

Lending financial peace of mind isn’t something reserved only for borrowers at Atlantic Bay. Our goal is to raise the bar, take care of our people, and help them rest assured that their family and finances have a security net for years to come.

These are personal anecdotes from each individual’s experiences that are unique and not representative of Atlantic Bay's views or practices. PEP is subject to eligibility requirements including management approval. PEP is subject to change at management's discretion. This communication does not constitute a promise or guarantee of employment. Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, L.L.C. NMLS #72043 ( is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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