Culture of Support

Striving for a Healthy Work-Life Integration

Family will always come first and life happens. Atlantic Bay’s work-life integration encourages employees to find a healthy balance both remotely and in-office.

Aug 10, 20214 minute read

At Atlantic Bay, we believe in work-life integration. And that includes allowing our team members to work in an environment that they are most comfortable, and safe, in. By giving them the option to choose where they work, we are confident that we’re setting our teams up for success.

Within just one week of COVID-19 hitting, nearly all of Atlantic Bay’s team members were fully functional in the remote work environment. During the last 18 months, the hard-working people of Atlantic Bay have proven time and time again to rise to the occasion in the remote work environment. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, our teams have proven how adaptable and resilient they are. They’ve gracefully navigating through the uncertainties COVID-19 had created all while achieving a record-breaking year within the company.

Today, we continue to put the safety and well-being of our team members first, always.

We have a responsibility to take care of our people, and that’s why an emphasis on providing options to our employees while ensuring a healthy balance is so important.

Creating a Solid Work-Life Integration

Our CEO, Brian Holland, recently sat down with HousingWire to discuss what he identifies as “work-life integration” and how Atlantic Bay has been able to successfully implement programming and opportunities for employees to simply live their best lives.

“Work-life integration is not a balance. It’s an integration. And that determines your happiness,” Brian says.

At Atlantic Bay, we don’t want our people to just find a work-life balance, we're aiming for a work-life integration that allows personal life and professional life to have a fluid and understanding relationship. They should co-exist.

“For us, it’s always been important to have work-life integration from Day 1 ... Life goes by too fast, and they [my kids] grow up too quick,” says Brian. As he reflected on moments of wrapping up a call quickly so he could make a baseball game or not risk being late for carpool. Family will always come first, and sometimes the needs of our loved ones fall within that 9-5 timeframe. We get it. And we support your role as a parent, spouse, sibling, and so on.

“If our people aren’t happy in their lives, they aren’t going to be as productive,” Brian adds. So, at the end of the day, it’s not the number of loans closed that matter – it's the happiness and satisfaction of our team members.

Giving Our Team Members the Choice

“Prior to the pandemic, we probably had a third of our team working remotely, so we might have been prepared more than most to turn the switch to the remote work situation,” Brian reflects.

Over the last 10 years, we found that in certain positions, especially underwriting, it was hard to find talent when we locked ourselves in to specific geographical areas. By offering fully remote positions, we’re able to attract top talent from across the country; something we wouldn’t be able to do if it were an in-person-only opportunity.

Today, we continue to allow our team members to choose where they work. No one is forced to work in a situation they feel uncomfortable with. We continue to pivot as needed in order to ensure our team members are happy, healthy, and feel supported; all while adhering to local and state guidelines in order to keep everyone safe.

Living Out Our Core Values

“It’s all about people. Getting the right people who are the right fit; that really vibe with your core values and culture. People who want to live them out,” according to Brian.

Whether in the office or continuing to work remotely, ensuring that our team members are on the same page and hold the same core values near is important to us – it ensures the legacy of Atlantic Bay.

The key to it all, Brian says, “is to find the right people who are motivated and passionate not only about what they do, but also the company. And in our case, the borrowers we serve.”

Whether in the office or continuing to work remotely, ensuring that our team members are on the same page and hold the same core values near is important to us – it ensures the legacy of Atlantic Bay continues on.

Staying Connected in a Digital World

Keeping our people connected, regardless of what space they choose to claim as their office, is vital. As soon as circumstances forced us fully remote in March 2020, we took employee engagement to the next level.

“We are set up very nicely, and our team does a great job with onboarding and making sure each new team member, or each promotion, is set up for success,” Brian proudly shares.

What Happens Next?

Feedback from our team members holds a great deal of weight at Atlantic Bay. Throughout employee surveys and just old-fashioned genuine conversations, we have found that our team members are extremely happy and even more motivated when they have the power to choose.

“An overwhelming number of people want to remain remote. Eighty percent or more want to continue to work remotely. They don’t have to commute, get dressed – they can wear pajamas, they can take their dog for a walk at lunch, or be there when their child gets off the bus. I think we will see more of that in this business trend in that direction,” Brian adds.

Regardless of what our team members choose, or how the future may require us to pivot, we will be ready to meet the needs of each one of our employees and support the healthiest options for each person.