We’ve Got the Inside Scoop! Hannah McManus Wins HousingWire’s Insiders Award

HousingWire honors Hannah for “making all the difference” in helping Atlantic Bay “achieve success.”

Sep 01, 20233 minute read

Welcome back to the Newsroom! Let’s talk inside baseball. Or, in this case, inside mortgage. We’re immensely proud to announce that our own Hannah McManus is a 2023 HousingWire Insiders Award winner!  

HousingWire, the most influential source of news and information for the U.S. mortgage and housing markets, created the Insiders Award program to recognize our industry’s “operational all-stars,” or those consummate professionals you could refer to as the “best-kept secret” and vital to their company’s success.  

The nomination period ran from June 6-23. After a nearly three-month-long deliberation, Hannah found her name listed among the “hidden gems” of residential mortgage lending, servicing, investments, real estate, and fintech.  

“It’s pretty amazing to be recognized by such a phenomenal leadership team as their best-kept secret, and I’m humbly grateful,” shared Hannah. “Winning this award validates my hard work and dedication to seeing the Atlantic Bay team win. I get to work with so many wonderful people throughout our company and within other companies, so coming to work is a true joy.” 

“I’m so proud of our team’s work to help reach more and more families who dream of owning a home one day.”  

As so many of us know by now, Hannah effortlessly fits the bill of mortgage “all-star,” but that’s certainly no secret. Our Director of Branded Family of Companies since July 2021, and member of the National Sales Management Team, is a champion of the two e’s – education and equity.  

She plays an integral role in preparing and bridging her company’s offerings and partnerships, including packaging industry-leading insurance and home warranty products so our borrowers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a complete homebuying experience.  

Through the “SmartPath to Homeownership” initiative, Hannah and her team have created a hub of resources and assets to help educate and support our consumers, employees, and communities on Affordable Housing programs. And internally, Hannah’s work on the Marketing Success Plan allows new hires to integrate into the Atlantic Bay team and establish stakeholder groups in three stages – Learning, Building, and Growing. A far cry from some unforgiving “trial-by-fire” approach.  

“I’m a big believer in the power of teamwork, and these initiatives are prime examples,” explained Hannah. “I’m so proud of everything we launched within the last year, and I couldn’t have gotten any program off the ground and running without my amazing peers and teammates.”   

“I fell into the mortgage industry, as most people do, but I’ve stayed because of the service we get to provide to our communities and consumers.” 

“Homeownership should be within reach for anyone, and these initiatives are small steps that Atlantic Bay is taking to reach more people and lend a little peace of mind while they navigate their homeownership journeys.” 

Hannah has also been at the forefront of another company-wide initiative for the past year. 

“La Bahía” is Atlantic Bay’s complimentary collection of homeownership tools, resources, and support for Spanish-speaking borrowers so they can build their lives, enjoy the time with their families, and take ownership in their communities. And Hannah knows just how important having an outlet during, what is sometimes, a strenuous time can be.  

“As a community lender, everything we do is focused on the communities we serve. We want to be the go-to source for education and hope for all our consumers. Through La Bahía, our Mortgage Bankers are fully equipped with products, programs, and resources to serve our clients who may need that extra little push.”  

“I know there is still so much work to be done, but I’m extremely proud of the foundation we’ve laid out. Our team looks forward to building upon our initiatives throughout the years to come.”  

Hannah has been a vocal leader of La Bahía, including joining the “Lending Forward” podcast alongside Senior Mortgage Banker Alberto Gamez to speak about how La Bahía advocates for homeownership inside Hispanic communities. 

Speaking of inside, HousingWire’s Insiders award honorees will be profiled in their magazine's October/November issue and will receive ongoing recognition on their official website. Honorees will also receive a free year’s subscription to HousingWire Magazine.  

And, of course, we’d be remiss to mention that Hannah and her husband are expecting their third child in August. From our entire team here, we’d like to congratulate Hannah for this well-earned award, and we can’t wait to welcome another member to the Atlantic Bay family!