Chief Financial Officer Recognized as a 2022 Mortgage Star

In a fast-paced industry, there are key people in each organization making wheels turn and magic happen. Morgan Wise is one of those people at Atlantic Bay.

Jul 06, 20222 minute read

A star guides the way and brightens everything around them. That’s why we are excited to celebrate Chief Financial Officer, Morgan Wise, being named a 2022 Mortgage Star by Mortgage Women Magazine. This publication is the housing finance industry’s go-to resource for all things women in business, leadership, professional development, industry insights, and beyond. The Mortgage Star award highlights women who are finding ways to inspire, advance, and achieve beyond the norm at all levels of the mortgage industry.  

Morgan is a dedicated leader and team member, always looking for ways to build up those around her – especially female counterparts who have a deep interest in futures in business. In a male-dominated industry, Morgan is an advocate for finding your seat at the table and proudly engaging in conversations that help create change. She is a finance guru who is constantly finding ways to make Atlantic Bay’s processes more efficient for all parties involved.  

"I think one of my biggest strengths is that I love to learn and have an ongoing desire to soak up anything and everything I can related to my field and leadership in general. As opportunities arise, I am constantly jumping in and rolling up my sleeves! I believe that this quality has also equipped me to be a better mentor to those who also have a passion to learn and advance themselves. Staying rooted in a growth mindset is imperative for success."

It’s important to always be willing to learn, adapt, and take on new initiatives. And that’s a reason why communication is so important to her team – Morgan makes it a point to meet with the managers on her team weekly to discuss goals and initiatives, ensuring they are all on the same page. She looks forward to growing alongside her team members, while also finding a healthy balance between work and personal lives.  

She is a do-it-all mother of three young children who keep her on her toes when she’s not focusing on all things Atlantic Bay finances. According to her, she inherited that drive and ambition from her mother. Morgan reflects, “by the time I was ten years old, she was a single mother raising three kids and working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Experiencing that struggle and determination motivated me to seek financial independence quickly and has pushed me to instill strong values in my own children – while also passing what I have learned on to my peers.” 

Morgan is a light and inspiration to so many people around her, and undoubtedly is a Mortgage Star. To check out more about Morgan’s honor and the others named to the Mortgage Women Magazine 2022 Mortgage Stars list, click here.