We're Starstruck! Nelda Cales is a 2023 Mortgage Women Magazine "Mortgage Star"

Nelda will receive her award in New Orleans and speak to all in attendance on a panel. 

Jul 10, 20233 minute read

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group® is exceptionally proud to announce that our own Nelda Cales is a 2023 Mortgage Women Magazine "Mortgage Star"! 

Beginning in June, the preeminent publication and resource for women in the mortgage industry asked both readers and industry professionals to nominate women most deserving of the award – those ladies at all levels of the business who "inspire, advance, and achieve beyond the 'norm.'" "We set out to find the most talented, ambitious, innovative, and philanthropic women who are achieving excellence and making a difference in these traditionally male-dominated industries," wrote Mortgage Women Magazine in their official winner announcement. 

After carefully reviewing hundreds of nominations, Nelda and 22 other females from across the country will march down to New Orleans later this July to be recognized as a modern-day pioneer, leader, and innovator. In other words, a Mortgage Star!

"I am so humbly grateful," shared Nelda. "Being named a 'Mortgage Star' on behalf of Mortgage Women Magazine symbolizes the hard work throughout my career. It's really a validation that my care for people, our industry, and the future has been noticed."

"This award and nomination is for all the young women and girls who strive to stand out while navigating their way through education and a career along with juggling family commitments." 

Such inspiring words, Nelda! Although she may not come out and say it, we can assure you that this honor is 100% deserved. Nelda has more than two decades of experience in this business, the last seven being with Atlantic Bay. She has proven herself time and time again to be a Star-quality leader, demonstrated by her role as Director of the Mortgage Banker Association of the Carolinas (MBAC) from 2021 to 2024 and her active board membership in the Raleigh Mortgage Banker Association since 2020. 

Nelda joined Atlantic Bay as a Producing Sales Manager and quickly set in stone her goal of expanding the company's footprint in the Coastal Carolinas. In 2022, she led the region to remarkable growth from a value of $40 million to over $650 million, promoting the expanse of 13 predominantly small and rural markets in eastern North and South Carolina. In challenging years of uncertainty and volatility, Nelda added 12 new members to her team.

"I believe this year has challenged our mindset and how we look at things we can and cannot control. Staying ultra-focused on what we can control is paramount: mindset, skillset, and actions."

"The business has challenged many teammates and peers in the industry," explains Nelda. "This year, and likely into next year, will challenge us all to work harder than we may have ever had to produce results. Leaders must be available to their team right now and offer transparency when possible. We must bring knowledge and value to our teams and be willing to go out and build a business together. I've worked hard to be in markets with my team; I travel more so they can see me and have a direct link to their Leadership Team. I ask for and provide more feedback than at any other time in my career. It's important that no one feels they're going through this time alone."

Nelda will also participate in the "Power of Possibility" panel at the star-studded event. We all know this is a rough time in our business, especially for the females. But this panel says that now is also a time of possibility. Nelda and other female industry professionals will discuss the dynamics in today's workplace, with participation from the live audience, and discuss where the opportunity lies in the current mortgage landscape.

"The Power of Possibility panel gets me super excited because I tend to see things in a positive light. I believe that we win and lose battles in our minds before we even get started on a task. Sometimes in our industry, people talk about how hard this business is - like now. I choose to say, 'I'm not participating in that.' Of course, it isn't easy, but opportunity is abundant right now for anyone who chooses to see it. The leader's job is to take their team on the journey of possibility. We must evolve. That's where possibility lies."

Beyond the numbers and accolades, Nelda, like many of the team here at Atlantic Bay, commits herself to making a difference in the lives of others. She helps Mortgage Bankers build lasting businesses, create more robust partnerships, and deliver exceptional service and knowledge to borrowers. 

From everyone at Atlantic Bay, we'd like to give a huge congratulations to Nelda! We'd also wish her good luck at the "Power of Possibility" panel, but she won't need it. Nelda's success is written in the stars!

Nelda and the rest of the winners will be included in Issue 4 of Mortgage Women Magazine. You can watch the award presentation LIVE in New Orleans on July 10, 2023. Learn more at www.mortgage-star.net.

DISCLAIMER: These are personal anecdotes from each individuals experiences that are unique and not representative of Atlantic Bay's views or practices.