Peace of Mind for Military Members with eNotes

Atlantic Bay’s suite of products now includes Ginnie Mae eNotes for VA, FHA & USDA home loans - creating a seamless virtual closing option that’s especially advantageous for military homebuyers.

Sep 13, 20212 minute read

At Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, we are proud to support our military members and their families as their homeownership dreams become a reality. Today, Atlantic Bay has a full suite of eNote products, including Ginnie Mae E-Notarization (eNotes) for VA, FHA and USDA home loans. Eligible remote borrowers will be able to forego the power of attorney process and enjoy a completely digital mortgage experience from application to closing.   

Eligible Benefits:

  • eNotes are efficient, secure, fast, and simple for all parties.

  • Fully Remote Online Notarization (RON) is available for Conforming Conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA purchase and refinance loans for borrowers in VA, FL, TN, and KY.

  • Hybrid closings are available for documents containing an eNote. Most documents can be electronically signed in all states, with the exception of notarized documents.

VA Loans Now Offer eNotes

Virtual closings have provided a creative way for servicemembers to close on their home without any of the added hassle. From eliminating the need for a Power of Attorney (PoA) to attend closing on their behalf when overseas, to added accuracy with virtual closings and everything in between – we have discovered how big of a deal this additional convenience is for our military borrowers.

We have been active in leading the charge in the eClosing space for several years now - and our dedication to our heavy population of military families in our headquarters' region in Hampton Roads, VA made the digital collateral problem a no-brainer for us and our borrowers. We have our fingers directly on the pulse of the veteran mortgage market and witness first-hand the direct impact that digital collateral has on the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) borrowers stationed overseas. As an early program participant, we have really been able to apply the functionality of the service on a fully accurate scale.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Chrissy Zotzmann Brown, sat down with Ginnie Mae to discuss Atlantic Bay’s experience since our first eClosing utilizing the Ginnie Mae platform in April 2021. Since then, we have utilized the platform to complete an additional 300  home loans for veterans. In the interview, Brown specifically spoke to the portion of Atlantic Bay military customers who are stationed overseas and often require a Power of Attorney to attend closing on their behalf (since the servicemember is unable to attend in person). With this flexibility, we are putting the power back in the hands of our borrowers and giving them the peace of mind they need, while allowing them to be in control of their homebuying process.

It is quicker, easier, and eliminates something stressful from the servicemembers’ plate. Brown says, “eMortgages are the way of the future, primarily because we want ease of service in every area of their lives, including the home-buying process.” Supporting this population of homebuyers presents unique but welcome challenges – and we are all in for finding solutions that work best for our borrowers.