Lending a Hand: AB Cares 2022 Week of Service Recap

Increasing awareness for important causes and providing financial support are big to our team members, and so is the opportunity to volunteer their time and talents in their communities. And that is what the Week of Service is all about!

Jun 10, 20222 minute read

In just five days, Atlantic Bay employees volunteered more than 300 hours between 30 organizations during the annual 2022 AB Cares Week of Service.

Here, business is about so much more than mortgages. Putting people first has always been our number one priority. Through employee-run community impact committees (AB Cares), our team members voice their ideas and passions for causes meaningful to them, our customers, and the communities we serve. Team members are also given Paid Time Off (PTO) to dedicate their time to volunteerism.

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Every year, Atlantic Bay employees submit service project ideas to the AB Cares committees for their respective regions, and then those ideas turn into the assorted opportunities available to select from for our Week of Service. While some organizations may be newer causes, others are groups we’ve supported for many years. From painting emergency shelters and transitional housing communities to food pantries and distribution coordination to neighborhood and waterway cleanups, and so much more, the 2022 Week of Service was full of meaningful memories and genuine care.

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Senior Corporate Trainer, Nancy Hines, shared her experience from a food pantry and how transformative it was for her family. “What I really liked about the opportunity is the perspective it gave me - to think that these boxes were truly a lifeline to others was super humbling. The bonus was I got to serve with my son,” she says. A unique perk to the Week of Service series of volunteer events is that many of the opportunities allow family members to join in, too.

This year was the second time Mortgage Banker Assistant Bryan Austin participated in the event and said it was just as impactful this time around as he gave back at the YWCA Women’s Shelter for domestic violence. “Each experience has been wonderful and given me a brand-new perspective on ways to help the community,” he says. Austin was joined by a handful of other Atlantic Bay team members to build furniture and complete several other tasks for the nonprofit.

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We genuinely care is one-third of the Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group core value system, and the Week of Service is just one example of how the company lives out that value. Austin says,

“It feels great to help, and it’s nice to work with a company and other team members who are trying to do the same.”

We know peace of mind goes well beyond the scope of lending, and we are committed to spreading positivity, giving back, and creating positive change in the communities we live and lend in.

DISCLAIMER: These are personal anecdotes from each individuals experiences that are unique and not representative of Atlantic Bay's views or practices.