Women in Business

Operation: Be the Boss You Always Wanted

I would do what’s right for my team - the borrowers and the mortgage bankers.

Jan 01, 20212 minute read

On being a leader of more than 100 people, Lisa John laughs when she says, “I don’t feel like it’s that many. One hundred people feels so big to me, but it’s funny - I don’t find it hard because I have such wonderful management on my team.”

After nine years with Atlantic Bay, her philosophy when it comes to leadership is to be the boss you’ve always wanted. Lisa knows that being the Vice President of Operations for a large company comes with a great level of responsibility, but she also maintains a humbling approach.

“I want everything to be the way it’s supposed to be. I push for my people; if someone deserves noticing, they get noticed,” Lisa says. “I do what’s right in every aspect of my life because I’m an honest person – I would do what’s right for my team - the borrowers and the mortgage bankers.”

When asked what she would say to someone who knows nothing about Atlantic Bay and the company she works for, she quickly said, “I work for the best company, it allows me to have a life. I trust the leaders above me, I know that if I work hard and focus on what’s important, I will get the job done.”

She got her start in processing. Upon reflection she says, “If I had to tell someone who is just starting out in this position, I would say pay attention to the systems in place and let them work for you.”

Lisa says that efficiency is key as a processor.

“If I see a processor working late, I’m asking them if they need help because if it’s the end of the day and I know they need to get home I want to make sure they know I’m there to help. The work-life balance is that if you can meet your obligations at home, then you’re going to be a happier person,” Lisa explains. “Work is like my other family, so their happiness is important to me.”

She attributes the success of her team to standing beside great managers.

“They are great for different reasons, each one of them,” she says.

Her philosophy has been, “When you’re green, you’re growing. When you’re ripe, you’re rotten.”

“I don’t expect everyone to know everything. People should constantly be learning.”

It all boils down to her idea of being the boss she always wanted - day in and day out.

These are personal anecdotes from each individuals experiences that are unique and not representative of Atlantic Bay's views or practices. Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, L.L.C. NMLS #72043 (nmlsconsumeraccess.org) is an Equal Opportunity Employer.