Women in Business

Homegrown Opportunities Are Within

As long as you work hard you’ll shine. Patty believes in being persistent and showing your strengths, but also owning your mistakes.

Jan 01, 20211 minute read

When asked what’s kept Patty Brown, our Vice President of Underwriting here for so long she replied, without hesitation, “The philosophy here has never wavered from leadership. You matter here."

“The core values that Atlantic Bay exudes have always remained the same and that’s the secret sauce,” according to Patty.

“I truly love getting people into their dream homes,” she says. “I love knowing that I had a hand in that in a small way. We genuinely care about each file that comes through and we look at them as people and not just another number.”

Patty has seen the growth of Atlantic Bay over the years. She has adapted with every transformation from moving to four different buildings to going paperless and providing upfront underwriting. Her passion for mortgages and managing a team stems from being flexible, knowing her loan products, and continuing to think outside the box.

“I remember 15 years ago when we were small enough to fit around a dining room table in a room above a restaurant," she says. "Now look at Atlantic Bay … we’ve exploded!”

“I continue to push my team of underwriters; I like to see loans moving because that means the company is growing. My main focus is making sure that my team of 40+ underwriters is happy. If they are struggling, we work through it, we talk everything out – we adapt.”

“Some of our best underwriters were processors here at Atlantic Bay first. They were homegrown in that they already know the products and they are extremely talented,” she says. “We love to promote from within, and it’s nice to know that there’s a path or a future here for growth. As long as you work hard you’ll shine. The opportunities are there for you.”

When it comes to Patty as a leader, she believes in being persistent and showing your strengths, but also owning your mistakes.

“If you work hard and you’re flexible to change you can succeed here.”

Those are the homegrown keys to success.

These are personal anecdotes from each individuals experiences that are unique and not representative of Atlantic Bay's views or practices. Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, L.L.C. NMLS #72043 (nmlsconsumeraccess.org) is an Equal Opportunity Employer.